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Unit 5 What an adventure一、词汇派生

1、initial adj.开始的,最初的

initially adv.最初,首先;开头

initiative n.首创精神;倡议

2、confirm v.证实,证明 

confirmation n.确认;证实;证明

3、crowd n.人群

crowded adj.拥挤的;塞满的

4、attempt n.努力,尝试vt.企图,试图;尝试

attempted adj.企图的;未遂的

5、fail v.失败

ailure n.失败 

6、psychology n.心理学

psychologist n.心理学家


1、up to...

①I can take up to four people in my car.(多达)

②I don't feel up to the task.(胜任)

③Up to yesterday,I thought he was single.(直到)

④It's up to you to decide whether to go or to stay.(由……决定)

2、figure out

①I can't figure out what he was hinting at.(看透)

②Please figure out the total cost.(计算出)

③Could you help me figure out this problem?(解决)

④I didn't figure out how to do it.(想出)

⑤I simply couldn't figure out his intention.(弄明白)


1、thus adv.因此,从而

The universities have expanded,thus allowing many more people the chance of higher education.


We do not own the building.Thus,it would be impossible for us to make any major changes to it.



Old people often try to save money to eat,thus endangering their health.


therefore adv.因此;所以

so conj. 因此;所以

as a result 结果;因此

2、confirm v.证实,证明

confirm to have done sth.确认已完成某事

Rumours of job losses were later confirmed.


His guilty expression confirmed my doubt.



 Can you confirm what happened next?


confirmation n证实,证明;确认函

confirmed adj. 成习惯的,根深蒂固的,坚定的

3、(be) similar to 与……相似

My opinions are similar to his.


She has a dictionary similar to mine.



Mary's hat is similar to Jane's.


be similar in... 在……方面相似,和……差不多

similarly adv. 相似地;类似地

similarity n. 相似;类似

4、bring...into focus 使……成为焦点

This will broaden your horizons and bring new ideas and opportunities into focus.


We touched on too many topics,so the group leader brought all of them into focus by summarizing.



The new manager was so well­organized that he brought the problems into focus and solve them soon.


focus n.焦点;集中点;焦距;中心v.(使)集中;聚集

focus sth.on 集中某物于/把某物对准……

focus one's attention/mind/energy on


 pay attention to...

5、figure out弄明白

I can't figure out what he is talking about.


No one could figure out where the gas came from in his magic.



The little boy seems to have figured out what the teacher is explaining.


figure n.数字;图形;人物;身材;体形;人影


keep one's figure  保持(优美的)身材

figure on  期待, 指望, 依赖

figure that 认为, 认定

As an important figure of the company,Sue tried to figure out how to announce that the company had earned less than 6 figures that year.And most importantly she figured that few people was likely to believe her.


6、attempt vt.企图,尝试n.努力,尝试

In an attempt to  attract more customers,they took a variety of measures.


The two friends made an unsuccessful attempt at a compromise.



Two factories were closed in an attempt to cut costs.


attempt at doing sth./to do sth.尝试或努力做某事

make an attempt at doing/to do sth.尝试或努力做某事

at one's/the first attempt第一次尝试

7、refer to...as... 把……称之为......

I always refer to him as a bookworm.


People who work in offices are usually referred to as“white collar workers”.



She always refers to Tom as “that nice man”.


refer to sb.指的是某人;提及某人

refer to sth. 参考;查阅;提及

In his speech,he didn't refer to the pollution of the company at all.Although his secretary prepared enough related information about it for him,he didn't refer to any.He was referred to as an irresponsible leader by his colleagues.


reference n.参考

8、stand for... 代表;主张 

It's well known that the olive branch stands for peace.


We Chinese stand for peace and wish to settle all disputes by peaceful means.



PRC stands for People's Republic of China.


stand by 站在旁边;袖手旁观;支持

stand out 显著;突出

stand up  站立;站起来

can't stand sth./doing sth. 不能忍受(做)某事

stand seeing (see) children smoking anywhere at any time.


1、It is + 过去分词 +从句

(教材P51) It is still not known if he succeeded in reaching the top of Qomolangma before it took his life.



It is not known if he is fit for the job.


It is widely known that seven people were killed in the accident.


[造句] 大家都知道中国姓放在名字前面。

It is known that family names come before the first name in China.





→People say/think...+that...


①It is generally agreed that he is one of the most famous writers in our country.


②It was reported that he had won the game at his first international competition.



(教材P51) With the majority of attempts to climb Qomolangma resulting either in total success or failure,is there also a scientific reason behind this risk­taking?



I'm going to major either maths or biology in university,as both are my favorite subjects.


You either go or stay.Don't just wander here doing nothing.


[造句] 我们要么选张伟做我们远足的队长,要么选刘迪。

We will elect Zhang Wei or Liu Di as our captain of going outing.


either...or...主要用于表示选择,其意为“要么……要么……”“或者……或者……”,用于连接两个性质相同的词或短语;连接两个成分作主语时,谓语动词通常与其靠近的主语保持一致。除可连接两个词或短语外,有时也可连接两个句子。其否定式可以是not either...or...,也可以是neither...nor...。

Either you or I am wrong.It is impossible that we are both right.


1、(教材P50) For these people,climbing Qomolangma is an experience like no other,making some feel weak and others,powerful.

[分析] 此句是一个主系表结构的简单句。Climbing Qomolangma是动名词短语作句子的主语。like no other是介词短语意思是“与众不同”。making some feel weak and others,powerful是动名词短语作定语修饰表语an experience,结构为:make sb.do sth.,and 后面为省略结构,原句应该为making others feel powerful。

[译文] 对于这些人来说,登珠峰是一种与众不同的体验,能让一些人感到虚弱,让另一些人感到强大。

2、(教材P51) Psychologist Frank Farley has spent years studying people who jump out of planes and drive fast cars,as well as those who climb Qomolangma.

[分析] 此句是一个主从复合句。主句是主谓宾结构的句子。其中spend time doing sth.后面的宾语people后面有两个who引导的定语从句;as well as连接两个定语从句。

[译文] 心理学家弗兰克•法利用多年的时间研究那些高空跳伞以及开快车的人,以及那些登珠峰的人。