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vt. 取得;获得;实现;成功

vi. 达到预期的目的,实现预期的结果,如愿以偿;


1. achieve一般只用作及物动词,其宾语可以是“实现”的目标、目的等,也可以是“取得”的胜利、成功、名誉、地位等:

Everybody should be given the chance to achieve their aims. 要让每个人都有机会实现自己的目标。

She achieved no success. 她有没获得成功。

偶尔用作不及物动词 (表示“获得成功”或“如愿以偿”),但很少见:

He achieved because he worked hard. 他因为工作努力获得了成功。

2. achieve有时与 this, that, what, all, much, anything, nothing, a little 等代词连用,表示“获得 (成功)”或“取得 (成就)”等:

No one can achieve anything without effort. 谁也不可能不努力而有所作为。

All this cannot be achieved overnight. 这一切不是朝夕之间可做到的。

I’ve achieved only half of what I hoped to do. 我只完成了我原想完成的一半。

3. 因 achieve一般与令人愉快的事 (如:成功、成就等)连用,所以不要受汉语的影响滥用此词表示一般意义的“达到”:

误:He will achieve the age of 25 next month.

误:The car achieved a speed of 150 mph.

4. 派生词 achievement

其意为:成就,业绩 (可数);实现,达到,成功 (不可数):

He was rewarded by the Government for his scientific achievements. 他因在科学上取得的成就受到政府的奖励。

We felt a great sense of achievement when we reached the top of the mountain. 当我们到达山顶时,我们感到有一种巨大的成功感。


1. I asked McKeown if the reunion was meant to achieve closure.


2. Car firms are desperate to achieve economies of scale.


3. There are many who will work hard to achieve these goals.


4. It had been an uphill struggle to achieve what she had wanted.


5. Women have yet to achieve wage or occupational parity in many fields.


6. A nation must take certain risks to achieve greatness.