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vi. 受痛苦;受损害;变糟;变差

vt. 忍受;容忍;容许;遭受


1.suffer  vi  : 受痛苦;受损害  ;变差

1)eg:We all have to suffer at some time.  我们一生都不免有受苦的时候。

2)eg:She suffered greatly as a child.   她童年深受苦难。

3)eg:Be careful, or our work will suffer.  要细心,否则我们的工作要受损失。

2. suffer  vt  :容忍;容许;遭受

1)eg:He suffered defeat.  他遭受了失败。

2)eg:He could not suffer criticism.  他不能忍受别人批评他。

3)eg:These plants cannot suffer a cold winter.  这些植物耐不住寒冬。

suffer 的短语

1.suffer from  患.....病  ; 受.....折磨 ;因....受苦

1)eg:You must have suffered from a cold.  你一定是感冒了。

2)eg:She has always suffered from bad health.  她的身体一直不好。

3)eg:He suffered a great deal from cold and hunger. 他备受饥寒交迫之苦。

2.suffer for   因…而受罚

eg: You will suffer for your foolishness some day. 总有一天,你会因你的愚蠢而受到惩罚。

3.suffer sth for sth  因....而受折磨

eg:She suffers tortures for it.  她为此而遭受折磨。

4.suffer by  因…而受苦

eg:They are victims who suffered by wartime disasters.  他们是战时灾难的受害者。


1.suffer poverty    受穷

2.suffer a loss      遭受损失

3.suffer defeat     遭受失败

4.suffer wrong      忍受冤屈

5.suffer tortures    受折磨

6.suffer less          少受痛苦

7.suffer terribly      深受痛苦

8.suffer greatly      深受痛苦

9.suffer from headache  患头痛

10.suffer like this     受像这样的苦


1. Those who suffer from narcissism become self-absorbed or chronic show-offs.


2. If climate changes continue, we will suffer the consequences.


3. Of course, the British will suffer such daily stresses patiently.


4. It was unfair that he should suffer so much.


5. Feed plants and they grow, neglect them and they suffer.


6. Many air travellers suffer puffy ankles and feet during long flights.